Brands and Domains

Dot Brand Conference

2 - 3 October 2017

The Hague, Netherlands

In collaboration withbrg and eco

Why Brandsand.Domains

Brands and Domains is the conference dedicated to dot brand, a unique branding tool. The second edition of this unique event is the opportunity for brand owners, domains specialists, branding experts and digital marketers to share and present their knowledge. Brands are unveiling the very large potential of dot brand, and will come to the conference to share their feedbacks, first learnings, best practices and key success factors.

We will also discuss the possibilities to acquire a dot brand domain in the future.

Three main topics will be adressed:

  1. dot Brand Governance, including the status of the present reviews and potential new openings.
  2. dot Brand and Trust, looking at how brands use the domains to better protect their customers and improve their protection strategy.
  3. dot Brand and Digital Branding and Communication, looking at how brands are proactively communicating using their dot brand on social media and generating new and better customer experience.




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Monday, 2nd October 2017

  • Arrival, Registration and Networking
  • Morning session starts at 10 AM to allow for morning arrival
  • Keynote opening by Georges Edouard Dias, author of "Brand hospitality"
  • Global dotBrand status
  • DotBrand and Trust : Building a branded space to protect your brand and your customers
    • dotBrand, Counterfeits and Cybercrime
    • dotBrand and Brand Protection strategy
    • dotBrand and naming strategy
  • DotBrand and Governance: Shaping the role of brands in internet governance
    • Trusted and predictable dotBrand
    • Engaging with ICANN
    • Ready for more dotBrands?

Tuesday, 3rd October 2017

  • Morning sessions start at 9.00
  • DotBrand as a digital identity
  • DotBrand activation examples and landscape
  • DotBrand and SEO : Keyword rich domains and SEO competition results
  • DotBrand and Social Media
  • Brands tell us how they did it
Sessions end at 4:30 to allow for same day departure

Why should you attend?


Dot brand projects are complex and multifaceted projects. They are at the confluence of:

  1. Marketing and communication.
  2. Research and development.
  3. User experience.
  4. Legal and Intellectual Property.
  5. IT and technology providers.
  6. Supporting service providers.
  7. Administration and ICANN relationships.

Brands and Domains is the only conference that brings together all these competence and knowledge to discuss exclusively the activation and usage of Dot Brand Domains.

Come to brands and domains for any one of the following reasons:

Knowledge / Business / Networking


Who should attend?

Brands and domains is a conference open to all marketing, branding, management, as well as development or researchers.

  1. If you are a digital marketer, come and understand how dot brand enable to create more efficient social media marketing, as well as better Customer Experience.
  2. If you are a brand expert, you will discover how brands can be associated to strong values such as sustainability or
  3. If you are a lawyer or a brand protection specialist, you will see how dot brand projects can efficiently support your strategy
  4. If you are a brand executive, you will see how dot brand is creating profit and value, by improving the customer path to purchase.
  5. If you are a web specialist or agency, our panels will discuss how to build and efficiently migrate to dot brand domains, and what are the first SEO related findings.

Brands and domains is open to anyone interested in domain names, from simple internet users to gTLD experts.

It is also open to anyone interested in digital marketing, from users to active social media marketing experts or SEO specialists.


What you will learn

Brands and domains are the conference dedicated to dot brand activation and usage.

  1. You will learn about a new tool in the marketing toolkit of brands: the dot brand domain.
  2. You will see how dot brand is not simply a gTLD, but also a very efficient way to improve your brands online presence.
  3. You will understand how dot brand provide more efficient access to your brand content.
  4. You will discuss with ICANN executives about their view of the programme.


Dot stories supports the creation of brand equity through the domain names space. Founded in 2015, coming from the world of omnichannel marketing and branding to the Domain Name space, dot stories bridges the gap between two different universe. Our vision for dot brand is a flagship for major brands, where customers will fully experience the brand and will create emotional bonding.

We support brands desiring to convey more values, culture, desire, emotions through a more complex and versatile digital presence. We educate and unveil the potential for dot brand domains, work with the organizations to understand how new gTLD can support their present vision and challenge in the short and long term. We work with brands, with consultants, and co-publish the dot brand observatory, the research programme about dot brands.

More information is available at Dot Stories


In partnership with:

Brand registry group

The Brand Registry Group (BRG) is an association of companies who share the goal of empowering Brand Top-Level-Domains (Brand TLDs) in the domain name industry.

The BRG’s purpose is to support the collective interests of our members and help them to derive maximum value from their Brand TLDs.

The BRG was formed in 2013 when a number of companies foresaw the need to work collaboratively within the domain name industry to support the needs of Brands that applied for their own TLD after ICANN opened the application round for new gTLDs. As of July 2016, the BRG has grown to more than 40 members, representing over 70 Brand TLDs. We have a diverse membership across the globe, with 48% based in Europe, 30% in North America and 20% in Asia and the remainder in the Middle East.

Transitional Membership is also open to companies that intend to apply for one or more Brand TLDs in the future. This provides a special ‘Observer’ status and enables early BRG community access and participation.

More information is available at brandregistrygroup


Dietmar Stefitz

Promoter and organizer of Brandsand.Domains. Internet business entrepreneur since 1994 and organizes the yearly conference Domaining Europe” since nine years – the major European event in the Domaining sector. The last edition was held in Berlin (Germany) in May 2017.

Born in Austria, he moved to Valencia 30 years ago and started working on a variety of Internet projects. He established the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) of the Valencian Community which he sold in 2010 to be able to focus on his main passion: The Domains.

Since then, he combines his activity as investor and domains developer with the outreach through events in several European countries. The most recent is, which will visit several Spanish and European cities, informing about new domains.

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